by Rabbi Tanya Segal
and The Mojše Band
created in KRAKOW, POLAND
Polski Sąd Rabinacki
2017/5778 KRAKOW, POLAND
action needed!
of Jerusalem

in stroboscope
light and
loud disco
2017 Meiselsa 18, KRAKOW, POLAND
50km from

how can
this be
happening here?!

Musical Shabbat by Rabbi Tanya Segal and The Mojše Band

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 Musical Shabbat is an extraordinary musical and liturgical project created by Rabbi Tanya Segal, Michal Pal’ko and the Mojše Band. This unique project consists of modern musical and liturgical interpretations of classical Shabbat melodies and prayers, rooted in Kraków (Poland, Galicia) and inspired by rebirth of religious Jewish life in this region – especially by Jewish Progressive/Reform Community of Krakow – @BeitKrakow


Polish Beit Din | Beit Din Polski

Polish Beit Din department of Center for Progressive and Reform Judaism is the first post war polish rabbinical court  which makes decisions in matters connected Jewish life, such as conversions, divorces and other things connected to Jewish Law (Halaha).

To enquire more about the conversion process in Beit Krakow Jewish Progressive Community please read here (in polish)

The Press Release about the first historical assembly of the first post war Polish Beit Din coming this month.

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Jewish Theatre in Kraków – Midrash Theatre®

The Contemporary Jewish Theatr in Kraków – Midrash Theatre® exists in Kraków since 2008. Thanks to the initiative of Rabbi Tanya Segal, a group of professional artists connected with the Beit Krakow community has been creating original theatre performances, exploring the spiritual legacy of the Jewish people. Often inspired by traditional Jewish texts, the performances are deeply rooted in the contemporary Jewish-Polish reality.

See: The Midrash Theatre® Method >>

_MG_5308Over the past years, in close cooperation with the Galicia Jewish Musuem, which became the home for our theatre, we have created the following productions: Melody of Silence (2008), Mysteries of My Grandma (2009/2010), Five (P)Arts (2011), art instalation: 5ZTUKA (2012), Nigun Jam (2012), Megilat Polin (2013), The Lonely Tango of Vera Gran (2014)

The Jewish Theatre in Krakow – Midrash Theatre has also worked in other spaces of Jewish Krakow in order to incorporate the audience members into the creative process, thus we have produced original musical midrashim: ABYA, Szema Israel, Szirat haJam, Maim and Eikha (with Mikolaj Trzaska); exhibitions “The Words of Kohelet in Images” (The Old Synagogue muzeum, Galeria Szalom) , “Song of songs” (Trzecie Oko galery), “Dibrot” (Trzecie Oko galery).
In 2012, in coopeation with the Dance Theatre of Riny Schenfeld, we produced a new version of an existing performance in the context of Poland: Dancing with Chopin in Galicia, dedicated especially for the Museum space.

Stop Destruction of Krakow’s Jewish Heritage

Beit Midrash Hevra Tehilim, Meiselsa 18, Kraków


Stop! NOW!

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Center For Progressive and Reform Judaism in Krakow
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Rabbi Tanya Segal
rabbi of Beit Kraków Jewish Progressive Community

Read more about Rabbi Tanya Segal – first woman rabbi in history of Poland: >>

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“As the first full-time female rabbi in Poland, Rabbi Tanya Segal has creatively transformed Jewish life in the historic city of Krakow, the site of previous revolutions in Jewish thought and practice…” >>